Project Horseshoe Farm

Project Horseshoe Farm is a unique grant supported one-year Community Health Service Leadership Fellowship, created in 2009, geared to top recent college graduates from across the country. Internships for undergraduate and health professions students are available.

Working as teams and with ongoing teaching and mentorship, Fellows and Interns participate in and learn from all aspects our pioneering multidimensional integrated approach to community health. They volunteer in our signature “health partners” program to support seniors, adults living with mental illness, and other vulnerable or isolated individuals. They volunteer in top notch after school programs and with local schools to help small groups of students. They help develop and lead programs at local community centers and volunteer with local supported housing programs and nursing homes. They live and learn in one of our three wonderful partner communities (Greensboro, AL, Perry County, AL, and Pomona, CA) while participating in Horseshoe Farm’s time-tested approach to helping our vulnerable neighbors and improving community health.

These efforts all contribute to Horseshoe Farm’s steadfast mission of working with and building on the strengths of local communities, improving the health and quality of life of our vulnerable neighbors, and preparing community health and citizen service leaders for tomorrow’s communities.