Princeton in Asia

Princeton in Asia (PiA) fellowships are one- or two-year immersive work placements at host organizations in Asia. PiA is an organization that provides transformative, service-oriented experiences for bright, talented graduates with educational institutions, businesses, media organizations, and NGOs throughout Asia. PiA Fellows develop skills and contribute to the work of host organizations in diverse focus areas: Arts and Culture, Economic Development, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Peace, Justice, and Access to Information, Public Health, Sports, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).


The primary prerequisite for a PiA fellowship is a bachelor’s degree. Some positions may require additional work experience or credentials. We do accept candidates with master’s degrees, but not those with terminal or professional degrees (e.g., Ph.D, medical, law, etc.).

PiA applicants are generally college seniors or recent college graduates. Graduates of any college or university are eligible to apply for a PiA fellowship. There is no age limit for applying to PiA.

PiA seeks applicants from diverse backgrounds who are committed to PiA’s mission and values. While PiA does not restrict eligibility based on US citizenship or residency status, all candidates must present a compelling rationale for how they will contribute to PiA’s mission of United States-Asia exchange. Please note that host countries’ visa restrictions may limit our ability to place citizens of certain nationalities.

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PiA Fellows receive:

  • Immersive, paid work opportunity at a host organization in Asia. PiA Fellows are employees of their host organizations, and not of PiA.
  • Stipend from host organization. The stipend is intended to foster an immersive experience in the host community and is set to cover the cost of safe housing, food, telecommunications, and local travel.
  • Reimbursement for visa and work permit fees in the United States.
  • Health, safety, and welfare support including premium-free travel medical and emergency evacuation insurance, International SOS membership, mental health support, and pre-departure training and resources.
  • Support from PiA Country Advisors. Each country in which PiA operates has one or more designated Country Advisors with significant experience and local knowledge of the host country. Country Advisors assist with enhancing cultural immersion sharing knowledge on local culture, behavior and norms.
  • Connection to the PiA Alumni Network and mentor directory
  • Preparation through virtual orientation, teacher training, and ongoing PiA programming
  • Language grants (by application).