Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Requires campus nomination and must be submitted through the Fellowships Office.

Seeks scholars who will become leaders in helping to address global problems related to health, equity, and technology.  Successful applicants will have the ability to make a significant contribution to their discipline while in Cambridge, with a strong aptitude for research, analysis and a creative approach to defining and solving problems. Awards can be used for full-time residential courses of study including:  research leading to the PhD degree; one year post-graduate courses; second Bachelor degree as an Affiliated Student; MBBChir in Clinical Studies.


Seniors or recent graduates in any major with a high GPA, under the age of thirty, who would like to study at Cambridge University in England.

Award Benefits

A Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge, namely: the University Composition Fee and College fees at the appropriate rate1; a maintenance allowance for a single student (£12, 250 for 12 months at the current 2008-09 rate; pro rata for courses shorter then 12 months); the cost of the most economical airfare from the scholar’s normal country of residence to the UK at the beginning of their course and the cost of the most economical airfare from the UK to the scholar’s normal country of residence at the end of the course; A discretionary contribution towards the costs of supporting dependants at Cambridge (upon application).


Students should contact Fellowships Office in spring prior to application, and certainly should confirm plans in late August