Medical and Dental Application Program (MDAP)

MDAP provides comprehensive support for students in the process of applying to health professions schools. Our program is open to current students and recent graduates and features a series of detailed informational seminars on writing a personal statement, interviewing, and filling out the applications for medical and dental school. We also offer an individualized application assessment conference. Medical and dental applicants who complete the requirements of the program are eligible for the Committee Letter of Evaluation from the Health Professions Committee, a group of faculty and senior staff with a range of interdisciplinary expertise.

Application cycles are numbered according to the year applicants will matriculate into medical school. Applicants begin the cycle approximately two years before matriculating.

What is a committee letter?

The Pre-Health Professions Committee Letter is a concise, individualized presentation of a medical or dental candidate’s attributes. Most medical and dental schools strongly recommend or require a committee letter. It interprets a student’s record and the choices the student has made in the following areas:

  1. Academic achievement
  2. Personal background/experiences
  3. Service, research, clinical, and other activities…in the context of the undergraduate experience

The committee prepares the letter of evaluation and appends the applicant’s recommendation letters to it.

Who is eligible to go through the process?

Committee interviews and letters are only available for first-time medical and dental applicants who are currently enrolled MU students or recent MU graduates. Interviews are conducted from May 10 until August 6; we have a finite number interview slots, so they are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We will send a letter packet with a cover letter for those who are not able to have a committee letter. To be eligible for a Health Professions Committee interview and evaluation, students must participate in MDAP programming, meet the GPA and standardized test criteria outlined on the application, and submit the required paperwork by the spring deadline.

How do I get involved?

Orientation for the program happens at the beginning of each Fall semester. If you miss the orientation, contact the MedOpp Advising Office for your next step. The weekly MedOpp Newsletter broadcasts all of the programming for MDAP – if you are not already on the listserv, contact to be added!

I am applying to optometry/podiatry/PA school. Can I take part in the program?

Yes! We do not conduct committee interviews or write committee letters for those programs, but you are welcome to take part in the workshops and come in for an individualized application assessment conference and a personal statement conference.