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Know a Great Student Candidate?

Refer them to the Fellowships Office!


If you have been approached by a student to write a letter of recommendation, you might wish to browse the resources cited below.  First, you should think about that student’s contribution in your classes and how well you know the student.  Then, decide whether or not to write a letter of recommendation for that student.  It might be better to decline than to write a letter with reservations.  If you believe you can write a good letter of recommendation, ask the student to bring you an unofficial transcript, a clean draft of his/her personal statement, resume, descriptions of the papers and presentations completed in your classes, and any other information that would assist in writing a good letter.  If possible, meet with the student to discuss goals, opportunities, and options.  This meeting might provide you with important information for a recommendation.  If students ask you for advice on writing personal statements, you may refer to this article by Joe Schall at Penn State.

Advice For Writing Letters of Recommendation



For more specific information or for questions, please contact the Fellowships Office at or 573-884-4661.

Class Presentations

We regularly present to students to make them aware of fellowship opportunities. To request an MU Fellowships Office representative to speak to your class, please email or call (573) 882-1395. We are willing to present as little as a few minutes or up to a class period.